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We can supply both regular 'buzzers' and text pagers depending on the requirements.

Our Staff 'buzzers' can work with a simple vibe and/or beep - but can also receive a number of messages through led's on the front of the pager.

Our Text Staff pager can handle up to 254 characters and can also vibe or beep. We have two models as shown in the image at the top of the page.


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Text Pagers.
Our most requested pagers for the Health industry and NHS.

These pagers come in two types:

4 Line Text Pager - Nurse Call-Systems
Our 4 line text pager uses 1 x AAA battery (for up to 6 months use). It handles 254 characters, can beep or vibrate, can have auto on and off programmed and can work individually or in groups. Overall a well received product which benefits from our new for old warranty.

1 Line Rechargeable Text Pager Nurse Call-Systems.
This is a more robust product designed for front line staff. It can work for up to 48 hours from one charge, but a main feature is that you have to 'cancel' the page with the button on the front of the unit. A very powerful vibe is available and fully adjustable by the user. We offer a new for old warranty on this unit.


Regular Rechargeable Pager
This is the workhorse, where text messaging is not required. It is a robust design that can work for up to 48 hours from a single charge, can be set up to receive 'messages' via the led's on the front of the unit.

This unit can vibe or beep (or both) as required. This unit has a removable clip (as all our pagers do) so that there's a simple fix if a clip gets broken.