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Our Nurse Call-systems Network Paging Solution is unique in the industry.

Can use 'Families' of transmitters

Can cover entire sites easily

Can page ALL LRS Pagers

Utilises 'wait lists' for Patients

Supports SMS and Email*

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Extensive and Unique Hospital Network Paging
The Nurse Call-systems LRS Netpage Unlimited networking pager system offers unprecedented solutions for Hospitals because of the flexibility built right in to the design.

Full coverage (even over many buildings) is assured because of the Patented technology used. SMS and emails are also supported.

Installation only requires one 'master' pc and a driver for other pc's on the network so there is little IT involvement. Client pc's use the browser to operate and users are only given rights to what they are allowed to use - i.e. breast clinic only uses breast clinic features.
The 'family' transmitter solution can reduce page times dramatically - on a regular competitive system a page can take up to 20 seconds (sometimes more) because of the continued use of repeaters. With the 'family' of transmitters we can reduce that down to as little as 2 seconds from transmit time.
There are many other features and benefits of this product - so much so that we developed another website purely for the benefit of customers who want a more in depth view of the Netpage unlimited system from LRS.
Please visit for more details or contact us