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Why are our bedside pagers different than other brands and solutions ?

Robust design
Repage until answered
Cancel staff alert
New for old warranty
Trial of equipment
Patented design
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Bedside Pagers
One thing about the Nurse Call-systems equipment is that you are buying the best solution there is at almost any price. But with all the features and benefits of these units (some are even waterproof) there is no product out there that competes and many that fall way short of the LRS units.

Features and Benefits.
Here's a few benefits that apply to our equipment
  • Some units waterproof
  • Fully programmable
  • Great range
  • repeat function for paging staff
  • Cancel function to alert staff when handled
  • Notification of low battery to Staff members
  • New for Old warranty
  • 14 day trial

Designed for Industry
From the ground up our products are designed to be the best featured products available in the world today.